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Going back to the days of Karuri wa Gakure

My great grandmother, used to talk of a great chief called Karuri wa Gakure, who ruled among the Agikuyu people in the 19th century. He had descended from the lineage of a famous woman called Wangu wa Makeri who had ruled the Agikuyu with an iron fist.

Despite a wind of civilization having swept over the territory in the 20th century, Kenya’s politics still depict an age of Karuri and other hereditary leaders such as Nabongo Mumia or Chief Lenana.

Kenyans and Kenyan politicians need to understand the age in which we live.Gone are the days when Karuri wa Gakure or Wangu wa Makeri became the de facto leader of the Agikiyu by the virtue of the fact that his father or grandfather was a leader.Minister Michuki on his remarks on the subject needs to realise that the more.

If Martha Karua for example thinks she has what it takes to be the leader of the Agikuyu, i dont see anything to stop her. Minister Michuki should realise that this is the 21st Century and the days of Karuri wa Gakure or Waiyaki wa Hinga are long gone. Your vote and the vote of Kamau, Onyango, Wanjiku or Kiplagat will decide that fate.

Like the Kenyatta Succession debate of the 1970s, the Kibaki succession is reaching its heights.

Many would perhaps agree with Minister Michuki on his remarks on the subject but i do not. Before 2002 few Kenyans had known of Mr Kenyatta existence before he capitalized on Jomo’s past success to climb up the political ladder.

In a democratic  country where competitive politics are supposed to take center stage, people should not be bent to the will of a few politicians.

Someone once asked me, when will the sons of the maumau ever rule Kenya? my response was never. Kenya has ceazed to be a democratic state to a Monarch. A State where leadership is in the hands of one or two families. Its no longer the rule of the people for the people by the people but the rule of the mighty for the weak and by the mighty.

And this  is not just a trend of the Agikuyu but is also present in  other communities of Kenya, the luo for example. In the 1960s, one man called Jaramogi Oginga Odinga ascended to the peak of Kenya’s politics. Years later his family still holds sway of the politics of the lake side and they have done it in style, outliving the legend.

To attain a liberal democracy and put Kenya on the map, i say ‘shindwe’ to the spirit of hereditary politics. We the people have to move out of that tribal political cocoon and elect people because of their character and not the name they carry.

Most people would agree that its evident that Jimmy Kibaki is primed to succeed his father in Othaya, not because he has achieved politically but because of the weight of the Kibaki political empire.   Credible people with great potential may be locked out from such a race, not because they do not qualify but because of the already established empire.

With a hereditary leadership, this country is doomed for failure. Kenyans should elect men and women of integrity, that they themselves have chosen. In 2002, Kenyans had elected a visionary leader and this country has made great strides ever since. A leap back to hereditary politics would be casting Kenya back to the list of poor countries.

Why cant politicians ever think beyond the tribe, at least for once.


One comment on “Going back to the days of Karuri wa Gakure

  1. amosabuga
    October 28, 2010

    michuki tell them!

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